I do feel it impolite to even inquire, so please understand that my donations are not negotiable. Put your donation in an unmarked envelope and leave it out in the open. Time is solely meant for company.

I am a lady and desire to be treated as such always. In order for us to both be on the same page and have the greatest time possible, kindly read the following.

Like you, I value quality over quantity, therefore I’ll provide you a discreet, sensual, and unhurried experience.


Please send me ALL the information required on my secure Booking Page or you may email this information to me if that makes you more comfortable. My address is in order to make the screening process as smooth as possible for both of us. Please refrain from using “graphic” language. Let’s keep things simple in our correspondence and leave the exciting details for our meeting.

Please understand that I will not meet you until you are fully verified. Full verified: full legal name plus at least one other identifying piece of information.  Discretion is important to both of us and none of this information will be shared. Priority is always given to gentleman that provide their complete information.

Kindly arrive on time.